Traditional or Non- Traditional?

Wow! What a roller coaster ride 2020 was! Let’s hope 2021 will be better.

A lot of things changed last year for everyone. Places closed down, home schooling became the new norm. Masks become Mandatory People were on edge. Etc.

All of a sudden along came Christmas. Usually I start to decorate  my place in the first week or so of December. I put up decorations in the house, in the dining room, kitchen and living room. The last thing to go up is of course the artificial green tree. This of course has lots of ornaments, garlands, and lights of many colors. Then on Christmas Day we would have Steak and Lobster for dinner ( that’s right, I said Steak and Lobster not Turkey it is not a misprint) then we would go to the movies and catch the latest movie in 3D. 

On New Year’s Eve we usually would go to the Legion and  dance the night away to the music of our great band RedDog.

This year was different, I didn’t decorate in the beginning of December, in fact it was about a week before Christmas, the only room that got a little bit of decorating was the dining room, and that was only a very small area. I took one of our 6 foot tables that I use at my markets, and put some Christmas tablecloths on it. Then I thought: “hmm, it was not a traditional year, why should I have a traditional Christmas?”

So I put my Penguin ( I love Penguins) at the back where he could be plugged in, then I put out some smaller decorations. Now came the part for the tree. I looked at the box that held my artificial green tree and thought ” no, not this time.” I then pulled out my gold star tree and my silver star tree ( they are only about 2′ tall)

 that I use at my markets to hold smaller things on . I decorated my silver tree with different ornaments that I have made over the years, including of course my photo ornaments. Added lights and “Presto” a cool tree was created. On the gold tree instead of using the regular lights and other decorations I took out my summer Flamingo Lights and decorated this tree with only them. This was the most fun tree I have ever had or created. 

The heck with Tradition!

Christmas Day came, we still had our Steak and Lobster for dinner yum yum, but we did not go to the movies as of course it was closed. So instead we rented 2 movies from Cineplex, but as we don’t have a 3D TV they were just regular movies. 

New Year’s Eve came, the Legion was closed, there was no great band to dance to. So we rented another movie, after the movie was over we watched TV in bed. We almost made it to midnight, but fell asleep, waking up again shortly after 1:00 am wished each other a Happy New Year and went back to sleep.  

I took some of my plain masks and added things to them like sparkly Flamingos ( yes of course I like sparkly things, and Flamingos they are right up there with Penguins) 

Before I forget Happy New Year Everyone, it will be great if things are better this year, if the are the same as 2020 don’t fret, just make the best of it, keep your creative juice’s flowing.

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