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Thoughts on the governing of Lumby

To the Editor,

In response to the article in the Lumby Valley Times on March 5th, page 3 ‘New Waste Collection coming soon’ in which The Village of Lumby Council approved a new residential waste collection program: We are concerned about the fact that a practice that will affect most every resident of Lumby is being pushed through without any chance for Lumby citizens to agree or disagree. 

We want our trash picked up as usual in bags every week as has been the case for years. We are probably not the only people who have a one car garage, or garages already full of other items and no room for a 240 litre container plus another 57 litre compost bin. Besides our regular sized garbage bin we also have a grey bin for glass, a blue bin for cardboard and a blue bin for recyclables. We separate our trash. We just don’t have the room for 4 containers. 

If we are forced into this plan in order to have our trash collected we won’t have room to park our medium size car in our garage.  Not only that but we, like many folks in Lumby have sloped driveways and those bins will be awkward and cumbersome to take to the curb, especially in winter and especially for disabled or elderly people. Then there’s the smell. Can you imagine how empty meat, fish and dairy containers will smell after two weeks,  especially in summer months ? Not good. Will these big trash containers be bear and raccoon proof? After two weeks of rot bears could be lured in to our community. Lots of people keep trash bins outside or on their patios. Will it be risky to go outside after two weeks of odor build up? Will Lumby Council be liable for bear attacks caused by increased odors?

It bothers us that decisions for all of Lumby are being made by a few individuals without a means of people having a say. This feels like we citizens are being ‘Parented’ by Council and while we understand Lumby Council must make decisions for the town, in this case with something that will affect our daily lives,  we don’t have an opportunity to have any input. This kind of feels like dictatorship. This decision by Lumby Council is based on the RDNO (Regional District of the North Okanagan). However they are not God and theirs should not be the final say before townspeople have some say on the matter. 

Last fall a bylaw was passed to allow a housing development to be built on the north side of the elementary school, just past the mobile home park. It hasn’t happened yet but it’s been approved. We were against this for  a number of reasons: the aesthetically displeasing look of a 3 story apartment building replacing our rural area with urban sprawl, parking issues, safety for school kids and seniors walking along there, questionable drainage and impact on the sewage treatment plant, stress on animals and an ugly view for the children at the school playground to look at. 

At that time there was a zoom meeting for input from Lumby citizens and that was honorable of Lumby Council to try for a meeting in  troubled times of no gathering. Many people who once would have gone to a town meeting to be heard were baffled by zoom or didn’t use a computer and therefore didn’t have an opportunity to be heard; but in all fairness there was an attempt to include the townspeople in this bylaw change in the area on Mable Lake Road within the Village of Lumby. 

This new garbage collection is different. It seems it will happen whether we like it or not; possibly to be implemented by the beginning of April. We agree the whole idea of composting is a good step toward better ecological practices, however, this should be optional, as should the new proposed garbage containers be optional. We’ve talked to people young and older here in Lumby. There seems to be unhappiness about this issue;  most are not happy with this garbage collection plan. You can bet this whole production will cost a pretty penny. We are taxpayers who should have a say in how our tax dollars are spent. 

In closing we would hope that others email or write in concerns about changes in Lumby and the way townspeople feel about them. 

Mr. & Mrs. Norm Wilson of Lumby