The Story Of Thieves and Thieves Oil

They Said A Mask And Gloves Were Enough To Go To The Grocery Store. They Lied…. Everybody Else Had Cloths On!

I guess Winter is here and although I got a lot completed I will have some chores that I normally have completed that will now be done in Spring.  Unfortunately it will be a much nastier job to do then, but there is not much one can do if the weather does not cooperate.   Listening to the news saddens me with the prospect of having to again go back to wearing a mask but I’d rather be safe than sorry and there is many who need this protection.  I worry about the new virus that is affecting small children and the rate that it is filling up the hospitals.  So for the last article that I will be writing this year I will again end with a masking story of the ages.

The history of Thieves Oil begins back in the 15th century during the Bubonic plague.  The plague  killed many millions of people in its time.  Several thieves in France were caught robbing the dead and dying and yet they never became ill.  The king told them that for the secret to their immunity that they would escape the usual punishment which was to be burned at the stake.  So of course they revealed the recipe which they used on their hands, feet, ears and in a bird like mask they wore over their faces.  Remember in those days hygiene was poor and bleeding was considered a cure for most illnesses and this plague wiped out entire families.  The combination of lemon, cinnamon, eucalyptus and rosemary oil has antibacterial properties, sort of like our hand sanitizers and of course the mask speaks for itself.  As for the thieves, true to the kings promise they were not burned at the stake, they were hung.  

No greater words have been spoken.  Be Safe, Be Calm, Be Kind.  

I thank you for your support over this last year of cold Spring, hot dry Summer and Fall and this early Winter.  Have a great Christmas and I’ll be back in the New Year! 

Happy Gardening

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