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The McLaughlins Want to Thank Lumby

Thank you very much Lumby and the greater White Valley community.  7 years ago, when we decided where we were going to move our family, there was only one community that we chose.  Lumby.  This community is a safe, clean, and progressive village that respects its past while looking toward the future.  Even today as we look to move east, we see Lumby growing because of the amazing work of the organizations and council that show it to be the best community in the Okanagan.

We have served this community in our roles as First Responders and developed programs to provide a hand up to those that need it and to also showcase the great work our schools are doing to prepare our children for the future.  I have been honored to partner with the staff of JW Inglis to show kids the value and adventure only a book can bring.  Watching your children read and being allowed to be their friend, is something I will always cherish.

We are thankful to the Food Bank for having the courage to take on the First Responders Food Drive program.  We are thankful to the Chamber of Commerce for allowing us to bring you the Santa Claus Parade over the past few years.  The business community here have always answered the call time and time again to give back to everyone.  Always support them.

We are thankful to the council and staff of Village of Lumby and the men and women that have created, and continue to build a strong, safe community that is growing by the day.  Your hard work is incredible.  With the support of the Museum we even together restored a firetruck together! 

I’m honored to be named the Good Citizen of the Year by the Lumby Lions Club as the Lions are an organization I’ve belonged to for 25 years.  The work the Lumby and District Lions Club does for this community is incredible.  What a blessing.

We are extremely grateful to the First Responders that we’ve had the honor to work alongside every day that tirelessly protect this community with selfless dedication and professionalism.  They have always stepped up to assist us in bringing programs to the community!

The men and women of the Lumby and District Fire Department is one of the best groups of heroes we have ever had the honor of knowing.  Tony and Pat, you have always put Lumby before yourselves and we see the pride in the men and women that work to keep us all safe.  

On a personal note I want to thank the Gustavson Family who have never said no to any of the projects we’ve done and always put others before themselves.  You two are the unsung heroes of the community.  I wish everyone could see the selfless dedication and passion that I get to see.

From helping kids read books, to toys, to food, to Santa and Mrs Claus, know that these memories will be with us forever because our friends in this community made it easy.

The McLaughlin’s are now looking toward our new adventure in Newfoundland and are excited about the challenges that lay ahead.  We have been extremely touched about the outpouring of support from everyone who took the time to write, call, and simply say thanks.  We thank YOU, for allowing us to become a part of this community and realize that the community you built made it an easy choice to move here years ago.

Although we will be at the other side of the country, know that we will be telling Newfoundland all about WhiteValley and the amazing people that call it home. 

Be proud of what you all have built together.  

Long may your big jib draw….

Gary McLaughlin