This is inexpensive, accurate and available to all. Suspend a rock several feet out from a wall where it will be exposed to the weather. This is how you read your forecast.
The Chill Has Come

What’s The Difference Between Weather And Climate?   You Can’t Weather A Tree But You Can Climate!

This week has been a busy one here at the BS Ranch.  Most of the leaves that are down have been raked up and are covering my empty garden beds.  Still a little worried about the amount of leaves on my favourite Maple tree and several of my fruit trees that still have solid green leaves not good I prefer to do my own pruning and with snow eminent, Mother Nature may do the honours although as I scan through several weather channels that I follow we may have a bit more time.  I sure wish I could pick the forecast that I would like to have.   The temperature has been steadily dropping and with snow on the doorstep (literally) I have my doubts that we’ll get off lucky as with the last snow and then a decent warming.  I’ve been using my leaf blower to knock down what I can ( much to the annoyance of my neighbours) but still way too many left.  I’ve done my seed order and am excited about a few new items that I will be presenting, if I can get a little more done before any serious snow I will be happy and will have some down time to spend on a few long overlooked house chores  before I start again in mid December.   There have been a couple of exciting and sad events that have occurred as well.  A new president in the good old US of A making the world a safer, saner place!  And the loss of a great Canadian Alex Trebec, so sad.

I know I’ve published next item before but I thought it might be fun to play it again Sam!

Happy Gardening!

Samantha Nason
BS Ranch & Greenhouses
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