Thank You to all who contributed to our first ever Hunger Free Summer Kids Pack!

Thank You to all who contributed to our first ever Hunger Free Summer Kids Pack!

The first installment of the Food Banks’ new pilot project went off without a hitch, a few more children in the community are now set up to eat a variety of healthy snacks and goodness, along with a couple of little comfort foods that came to us through some special donations!

We can’t tell you how thrilled we are at the response we’ve gotten to the project; this village has got to be the best well-supported community of folks that anyone could ever ask for-give yourself a little hug for supporting those that need a little more through these summer months.

Our first-month project consisted of handing out a paper bag to each family that contained products that were donated from TELUS employees who were offered a $20.00 contribution to a food bank of their choice, we were very fortunate to be the happy recipients to several of these bags and we sent one out to each family to help them throughout the month. In addition to their contribution of a super large jar of peanut butter, canned fruit, and applesauce we added a family-sized box of cereal and jam. Next, we had each child’s bag loaded with fruit, dairy, vegetables, juice, proteins, cereals, and a few little snacks! It was more than we had ever hoped for and we were still able to keep it within the price range that we had planned for with each child!

Our donations of food and money have been excellent and I think at this time we are ahead of the game, so all we have to do now is finalize our menu and get the meals out to any child in need.

So far we’ve determined that our pick up will be on Friday Mornings @ 11:00 am at the front of the Food Bank. You can sign up for delivery or pick up. A reminder -we are open for registration all summer long simply by calling our office or Whitevalley Resource Centre and registering over the phone.

A question was broached to me the other day asking if we actually had hungry children in our community, and I would like to address this. Over the past month, I have explained why this program is running, how we concluded that there were children in our community that needed our help over the summer months while school was out. I also explained how we were going to ensure that no child was to go hungry.  I will again explain how I received the numbers to reflect the need for additional resources for children during the summer months.

In January of this year I spoke with all the schools in the area who then reached out to staff and families, I spoke with Wendy from Whitevalley Resource Centre who reached out to employees and clients- we also spoke with families that came through us at the Food Bank and after getting the numbers and not being selected as one of Food Banks Canada selected few for the “After the Bell” program, we took it upon ourselves to feed our community of children on our own. I can also tell you that this is the only hunger program that I am aware of in Lumby to feed the children over the summer months; this does not overlap any other children’s program here in town.

So there you have it, we are always happy to answer your questions and are always willing to show you around, or just come for a visit, sit down and have a cold drink with us.

Stay tuned for next week, when I post our answer to a demanding question that was posed to our President on why we would need or ask for donations when we have a $45,000 infrastructure grant for new pavement! If you haven’t figured out the answer to this question on your own, I’ll try to explain a bit more about how grants work the next time around!

Thanks again to those who support this summer project, we are so grateful that we live in the village we do!


 Lumby Food Bank 250-547-2225, Whitevalley Resource Centre

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