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Thank You

We would like to acknowledge Conrad Lavaliee, who owns Bo Sash Contracting (BSC).  We don’t know Conrad personally, but about 3 years ago, the gals I walk with, were in Jitter Beans just chatting it up with this fellow, and he  asked if he could buy us a coffee. We were totally taken by surprise, thanked him and said, no thanks and that was that! We realized after the fact that this was the fellow from Bo Sash!  Well just a few days ago we found out that Bo Sash Contracting has been donating all the hanging baskets around our village for the past  4 or 5 years!  We were again totally surprised because as we all know hanging baskets aren’t cheap!  This year apparently Conrad has taken on the job of watering all the baskets as well!  Some people may say Conrad is doing well in his contracting business and that’s well and good, but we feel he should at least be acknowledged for helping to make our Village so beautiful.  It’s lovely to walk down the street and see these baskets so vibrant, healthy and well cared for!

We would like to extend a very warm ‘Thank You’ to Conrad for helping to beautify our town.

Kudos to you and your contracting company!

Mel, Terry and Cheryl,

Lumby, BC

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