Taking AIM at the Roads

Are you annoyed with the roads? Well.. so is Norma Bouzek and she decided to do something about it.

On November 8, 2022, she sent an email to Danny Morris, Operations Manager (SA#13) Deputy Minister’s office of Transportation and Infrastructure.

The letter goes as follows:

Subject: 313775 – Winter road conditions in Vernon/Lumby and the surrounding areas


How do we get snow removal and sanding done in our area in a timely fashion? 

I live in Lumby, and the roads are just starting to be maintained now, the snow started coming down on Thursday Nov 3, and it is now Nov 8. 

Many people from Lumby work in Vernon or Lake Country/Kelowna yet they must deal with these treacherous traffic conditions.  People’s lives are in danger due to the fact that AIM does not maintain the roads as they are contracted to do.

Hwy 6 from Vernon to Lumby is very windy, and needs the constant maintenance. Not to mention it is a bus and school bus route. 

Plus the outlying areas of Lumby; Whitevale, Mabel Lake and others, are left with unplowed and unsanded roads. These are windy and sometimes steep roads, sometimes going out onto busier roads or highways, making for dangerous driving situations even for the most experienced drivers.

Please look after us, we all want what is best for our community. 

Norma Bouzek, Lumby, BC

On November 10, 2022, Mr. Morris sent the following response to Mrs. Bouzek.

The Response was:

Good morning Norma Bouzek, 

Thank you for your email of November 8, 2022 concerning snow removal on Hwy 6 from Vernon to Lumby. My name is Danny Morris, Operations Manager for SA#13 in the north Okanagan. I received your email  through our internal system and was asked to respond on behalf of the Ministry of Transportation & Infrastructure (MOTI). I want to assure you that the Ministry takes its commitment to provide a safe and reliable transportation network very seriously and I appreciate the opportunity to respond to your concerns.

Last year a similar problem with winter maintenance was encountered on this stretch of highway. In discussions with AIM Roads they proposed a dedicated truck on Hwy 6 between Vernon and Lumby during all storms which could address winter conditions in a timely manner. That did not happen during this storm and Ministry staff raised the issue with AIM Roads. The Manager for AIM said that they will have a truck dedicated from now on and should have been during this storm but somehow wasn’t in place.

Ministry staff will monitor this highway during subsequent storms to ensure that this dedicated truck is in place and doing the job it is meant to do.

Once again thank you for your email. Should you wish to discuss further you can reach me at the numbers below or by email at Danny.Morris@gov.bc.ca


Danny Morris, Operations Manager, SA#13

778 943-0189 • 250 308-8600

Editor’s Note: Good on you Norma! Let’s see if the maintenance improves.