Stirring Things Up – With a Saw?

Harold and Linda are local seniors living in the area and like most of the mature adults in our community, they have been social distancing for months now.  A few weeks ago, they received a phone call from a friend suggesting that the duo spend a weekend camping in her wide open “back forty”, a sprawling property.  As it has been quite some time since this fun loving couple had been out into the world, they jumped at the opportunity to enjoy this unique opportunity and immediately began packing all the necessities that a weekend stay in a tent would require. 

After much organizing and planning they were off for a few days to appreciate different views and scenery.  When the “home away from home camp site” was comfortably set up, the seniors began preparing their first meal on their mini vacation.  It was then discovered that they remembered the tent pegs, the hammer, the blankets, chairs, pillows, plates; even the hand saw….but there was no cooking utensils….   Well, no bother, as Lumby seniors are very resourceful and nothing should put a damper on a long awaited outing; Harold just whipped up his famous scrambled eggs using his handsaw to flip and stir!  Linda didn’t complain, she was just thrilled that she had someone cooking for her. 

When Linda is not enjoying delicious food prepared with hardware tools, she spends much of her time beautifying the garden beds around her complex.  Her spring poppy flowers (pictured) are an incredible sight to see.  Thanks for reminding us that age is only a number!

If you are a senior that has a funny, poignant story or life memory that you would like to share; please call Whitevalley Community Resource Centre at 250-547-8866 or email 

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