Social Distancing, Self-Isolation – What to do with yourself?

Are you being pro-active with social distancing or self-isolation?  Are you asking yourself “What can I do to not be bored?”.  This is an opportune time to self-reflect and make plans.  

“Even just opening a window and taking 10 deep breaths, doing a free three-minute meditation or writing down 10 things you’re grateful for. And how about limiting how much news you’re taking in in a day”  

Here are some more suggestions to lessen your boredom:

  • Call a friend, try to connect with daily and share with each other how you are doing
  • Engage in a healthy diet
  • Read a book, try a different topic than you normally read
  • Journal each day.  Note the weather, news, connection with friends, your feelings, etc.
  • Watch that movie you have wanted to see, classic, romance, horror…
  • Chat online
  • Keep active, some exercise indoors or even a walk outdoors while keeping distance
  • Do Yoga or Pilates. Practice touching your toes
  • Try sewing, knitting or crocheting
  • Plan and strategize for the future
  • Clear out your wardrobe
  • Do crossword/Sudoku
  • Make a photo album or go through older pictures
  • Plant some flowers or herbs
  • Organize your dresser drawers or kitchen drawers
  • Play music to avoid watching TV all day
  • Dance through your home
  • Give yourself a manicure
  • Make a bucket list
  • Play solitaire or do a puzzle
  • Learn something new, a language, an instrument, a game, etc
  • Let your creative juices flow, do drawing, painting, sculpting
  • Find a hobby
  • Paint a room
  • Sit outside in the sun, even if it’s chilly dress appropriately
  • DYI – Fix stuff
  • Rearrange your bookshelf
  • Do a deep clean, that fridge or oven you have been putting off
  • Make a virtual book or movie club with friends

We hope you try some of these suggestions.  Talk with friends and discuss what they may be doing to curb their boredom.  Know that you aren’t alone at this time.  

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