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Show Consideration for Local Businesses Reopening

With many local businesses getting ready to reopen, ones that have already reopened or have stayed open, please show some common sense and consideration.

Show some understanding that they may have just survived one of the hardest professional and personal challenges they’ve ever faced.

The new and constantly changing procedures, rules and recommendations can be difficult to keep up with. While they’re excited to open, the owners and employees can be under some stress, keep this in mind when dealing with the new circumstances.

Please don’t go to these business and complain about changes in new policies and protocols. They most likely cannot operate in the same way they did before the pandemic. Everything is different for them and as a customer, you may not be aware of all of the changes that have gone on behind the scenes.

If you come across a situation where you feel that a business is not practising these new protocols, do not be a ‘Keyboard Quarterback’ and immediately go onto Facebook, or other platforms, and start complaining. Show some consideration and politely inform the business of your opinions. Then give them the opportunity and time to make necessary changes.

Be considerate and have patience, these are new times for everyone.

Support your local businesses!

Andrew Hutton, Publisher, Lumby Valley Times

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