S.O.S. Lumby!

Save our School kids from hunger this Summer!

You may have seen this photo in the last edition of the Lumby Valley Times; it was placed there in order to remind everyone that summer is a very trying time for many families who already struggle to get food on the table for their family.

We have initiated a program that will help these families throughout the summer months while school is out and the extra food source they received is no longer available. Although this is a great idea, we have no additional funding or grants at this time to help with these food costs and really need to rely on the generosity of our community and businesses.

WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT in order to help feed our youngsters in Lumby! If you cannot financially contribute perhaps you can volunteer or make/purchase some of the necessary foods that will go into the bags. 

Some folks ask, “What can we buy to help out”… but it’s not always about buying; you can also work as a team or group and make some handy treats and snacks. We can even help provide some of the ingredients; at the moment we have an abundance of healthy granola from Rogers Foods available at the Food Bank right now… come grab some and let’s see what unfolds! Granola Muffins, Granola Bread anyone? How about some healthy energy bars or perhaps you have some great muffin ideas or popcorn treats, what about Rice Krispies or plain old fashioned chocolate haystacks/macaroons? All these simple homemade treats are often a luxury for so many… we don’t doubt that they will be appreciated!

Okay, so you don’t bake or have the energy it takes to put things together, I get it… and so you ask us simply; what do we need, give us a list. Here’s a general idea of what we hope to add to the bags… and keep in mind that sure we aim for healthy and the very best and we will do our best to make this happen, but our resources are low -so please don’t rain on the parade, we will welcome anything to help these kids the best way we can over the summer.

  • Fruit-fresh, dried, canned – check in with your farmer friends for extras?
  • Granola bars, some nut free – Make some if you dare!
  • Milk- Fresh Milk once a week 1 liter – WOW-what a great concept- cold fresh milk—once a week!
  • Pudding and fruit cups—Makes the hunger pains go away for awhile
  • Snack sized treats, packages of cookies- Emergency snacks, plus they’re cool! 
  • Oatmeal packages, snack cereals, breakfast drinks-Everyone needs to start their day with breakfast
  • Cheese strings, Yogurt- Obviously not for the lactose intolerant…but everyone else loves them!

Do you know of anyone or could your child benefit from this program? Registration forms are now out and soon you will be able to download one from www.lumbyfoodbank.org or they can be picked up from any of our Schools, Lumby Food Bank, Whitevalley Resource Center, The Lumby Thrift Shop and possibly a few places around town, just keep your eyes peeled! Feel free to join our Facebook group and become a partner to help our kids! If anyone can come up with a great name for this program, send them to me, check with your teenager or kiddo, and see what ideas they can come up with! One free cake goes to the winner!

Thanks for your time, have a great week and I’ll touch base with more information next week!

Stay healthy, wealthy and wise…. Heck I have no idea where that came from, but grandma used to say it all the time! 

Melody, melsan@shaw.ca