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DEEM Health is partnering with Fuel Life Canada to offer some exciting programs:

Mental Health Workshop: March 18, 6-7:30pm 

This workshop is by donation with 100% of all proceeds going to Canadian Mental Health Association

Our ever-changing circumstances may bring on a sense of overwhelm, like you have little control over your world. You may be left feeling anxious, frustrated, and disheartened. Or you may be looking for a way to cope through these difficult times. You might be searching for hope.  We are excited to be hosting this mental health workshop to facilitate dialogue and build solidarity.  Join us for a conversation on managing the personal challenges many of us are facing. Discover your unique strengths and gifts.  Leave feeling heard and supported by a community who cares about your wellbeing. You will gain additions to your toolbox for managing the uncertainties that lie ahead.  To register and find out more you can check out our website at:

Virtual Cooking Classes: March 19th – April 23, 7-8:30pm

Last week I wrote about your brain on habits.   Break out of some same old recipes or habits around cooking.  Learn new recipes that are both nutritious and delicious along with cooking techniques, you never thought of doing before.  You will be guided through the cooking process with a FuelLife professional chef and DEEM Health Holistic Nutritionist.  Both will be answering any questions you may have, on different cooking processes or nutritional content of the food.  So, bring your questions or maybe learn some new tips on how to make some of your favorite recipes healthier, for whatever the reason may be, weight loss, type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol, digestive issues….  

Take 1 class or all 6!

FEATURING:  French, Japanese, Caribbean, Indian, Moroccan, and Israeli Cuisines.  

Single live session = $45.00/person 

Package deal for all 6 live sessions for $230.00/person:

For more information or to register go to:

*DEEM Health is partnering with FuelLife Canada, for 2 upcoming events!  Mental health summit, March 18, 6-7:30pm, this event is FREE or by donation, with all proceeds going to Canadian Mental Health Association –  6 week virtual cooking show starting March 19th  7-8:30 pm, featuring cuisines around the world –  

*If this article or any past articles leaves you with questions, the want to be a better you, the courage to take the first step to a happier you, than please contact me at: 

Mikkie Nettles, Certified Personal Trainer/Holistic & Sports Nutritionist
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