Quietly Watching Me

Welcome to Colleen’s Corner. This is a column meant for fun and some information About myself: I am Colleen Fielding, a Freelance Photographer you often see me on the side of the road  or in various places taking photos of different things animals, birds, places, people etc.  l have lived in Lumby just over 8 years, you have seen my photos in the newspaper (Lumby Valley Times) and once in awhile in the Vernon Morning Star, and the Lumby Art Gallery. Photography is my passion. Disclaimer:  The information on some of my photos that I write about a lot of times come from the Internet or books I research them, hopefully the facts are as close to the truth as I can come.

 The other day I Took Kal Lake Road home instead of using Hwy. 6. I was hoping to catch a glimpse of the Osprey. I got some great shots as she sat in her nest, and every once in a while, a little head would pop out beside her. The male was not too far away sitting on the post close to the nest. It was a great day , with awesome shots. 

I walked under the bridge, and started to walk near the creek, I felt something watching me, I looked across the water, there he was sitting on a log just quietly watching me. So, of course I took his picture. 

What a beautiful duck.  Not too far from him his family were sitting and playing in the water. Neither him or his little family seemed to feel threatened by me, as they didn’t move or fly away when they saw me.

I came home and looked him up as I haven’t seen this one before. He has a greenish, yellow flat bill like a shovel with a black mark on the tip. His feet are webbed and bright orange. His head was kind of grayish brown, his body was colored with different types of brown. The female is not as dim in her coloring as most female ducks and birds, she actually looks very close in coloring to the male. This duck is called a Mottled Duck. The Mottled Duck is a part of the Dabbling Family.

  Related to the Mallards, Mexican Ducks, and Black Ducks which tend to be in larger flocks at times, the Mottled Duck is likely to be seen traveling with his mate, and or family, or just a small group. These Dabbling Ducks will find their mates earlier than other ducks. Well before the breeding season has started these ducks have already found their partners. Alot of times when the female of other Dabbling Ducks lays her eggs the pair will split up. With the Mottled Duck the male will remain with his mate during the incubation time, and often tends to stay even longer.

Both the male and female will look for a place to nest together, the female will find where to build the nest by the water, sometimes by the base of a shrub. 

They will only have one brood per year. They will have 8 – 12 eggs.  2.1 -2.4 inches for the length. The width of the eggs would be about 1.6 -1.8 inches. The egg colors are a dull white color to almost an olive look. The eggs are incubated for about 25-26 days. When hatched the young ducklings have down all over them, and they can leave the nest shortly after being hatched.

On record the oldest known duck was about 13 years, and 7 months old when he had been shot in Florida, this was also the same place where he had been banded years earlier.