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Puzzles, Trash & Library

To the Editor,


Lumby Valley Times is such a great small town newspaper covering local events and interests. The crossword puzzles are satisfying to do. I just got into doing these about a year ago. Lumby’s crosswords are better to do than Vernon’s because they’re not so hard, don’t have abbreviations and I can guess most if not all without looking at the answers. It’s a peaceful pastime for a morning coffee break;Thanks.


Our new trash collection here in Lumby has been challenging to get used to. What goes where, etc. I still think the garbage cans are way too big, considering a lot of what used to go into them now goes into compost or other recycling bins. Many neighbors have said they wish there was an option for a smaller trash bin. A person wants to be a responsible citizen and help the earth and I like the compost system, but we have so many different bins and bags!

Look at all these different types: [compost in compostable bags / compost for our garden/ paper / glass / cardboard / bottles for depot/ plastic bags  & wrap for the depots/ recyclables/ clothes to go to the thrifts store/ rags to go to the thrift store which get made into products like insulation, paper etc./ the huge trash bin, yard waste].

That’s 12 different categories. 

I’m a bit put off that we aren’t supposed to put crinkly wrap from granola and candy bars, spaghetti bags or what not into the trash. You’d think with 10 to 12 types of garbage we wouldn’t have to have a separate bag for crinkly wrap. I think that’s going a bit too far don’t you? It’s trash.

We save our own compost for our garden but it is handy to throw in banana and orange peels into the compostable bags. and egg shells (when I don’t want to bake & grind them for the garden soil). Our main bag under the sink is for compost and one thing I really like is that all tissue, paper towels, etc. can go in there and be turned into dirt one day, and the small amount of trash we have now goes into a coffee can. It’ll probably take months to fill it a quarter of the way up those huge trash bins… We got our compostable garbage bags in Freshco in Vernon. Some of these changes are likable and others are frustrating. 

To recap: It is great to be able to throw tissues, etc. into the compostable bags. The big garbage containers are way too big and we shouldn’t have to take trash to the depot if it’s crinkly wrap. 


Lumby has such a nice library! The staff are so friendly and helpful.  We use it all the time getting movies, documentaries, books and magazines. Speaking of magazines, I got one named ‘WIRED’. What a great magazine about environmental issues, new technologies to solve climate change issues and decrease mankind’s carbon footprint. 

It’s on the list of new magazines coming into the Lumby library in the coming year. I’m sure looking forward to it. In the meantime I can get it at the Vernon library. 

Lumby is a growing small town and we can all be proud of our efforts to sustain it and our good earth. Be Mindful.

Pam Burton-Wilson, Lumby, BC

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