OK Tires Delivers More Than Tires!

Submitted by Melody Bosk

It was apple time in our community recently and with the generosity of Todd McCrindle from OK Tire in Lumby we were all able to have some freshly picked juicy apples.

The best part of this entire apple endeavor was that it didn’t cost us ‘po folk a small fortune to have a taste of some nice fresh fruit, and better yet was that all the money raised on this apple donation spree was going right back into our community-via our local Food Bank!

With over $1600.00 raised in 2 days you could see from the smiles on Todd and Robert that there lies an underlying sense of pride. Todd in the pride that he was able to bring such a huge benefit to the community and its people, and Robert’s sense of pride for the generosity in the community that he calls his home.

It was an amazing endeavor that was undertaken by Todd and his family as they headed to Osoyoos, gathering to pick the apples that were left to rot on the trees at his grandparents property. With the lack of pickers this year due to Covid, the only place the apples were going to now was to the ground

Todd could not see this happening and knew that it would definitely benefit our community and support the food bank at the same time.

So low and behold Todd brought in three big bins with three different kinds of apples all at his own expense, which he said, was only gas money…. But still..

Great things continue to happen in our close-knit community we call Lumby- thanks Todd and
OK Tire!

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