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What Is The Mexican Weather Report?… Chilli Today And Hot Tamale!!!

Well this week has given us our first taste of winter, a very early snowfall and a record cold. This is not only disappointing as to its earliness but also due to the fact that most of the leaves are not off the trees and this has lead to some considerable damage and an awful mess to clean up in spring. I have several trees that have hardly even started to turn but thanks to my husband using a leaf blower and a long pole to knock some of the snow off our damage so far seems minimal. I’m sure everyone remembers last years start to the New Year with outrageous amount of snow and a blackout that lasted 5 or 6 days for the luckiest of us and worse for some others. That was considered a neutral year in terms of El Nino and La Nina. This year we have moved into a 55 to 75 percent position of La Nina and there is the potential for significant snow, ice and cold. So ready your snow blowers and shovels.

El Nino means the boy and is the most powerful climatic force on earth! It causes great changes in the trade winds which weaken and can change directions and causes significant droughts in countries that really don’t need it to massive flooding which again is in countries that really don’t need it. The last most significant El Nino affected over 60 million people with death, disease, homelessness and starvation. El Nino occurs when ocean temperatures rise in temperature in the equatorial area of the Pacific Ocean. The outcome for Canadians is generally a warmer winter and drier winter here in BC. 

La Nina means the girl and is less destructive and occurs when the temperature in equatorial areas of the Pacific Ocean are a couple of degrees colder and that is what is occurring now. Although the overall affect is a reduction in cloud formation and therefore less rainfall this is more significant in the south western US of A and of course an increase in hurricane activity to the east. In our area this means cooler weather can be expected, and larger amounts of snow will fall especially in the mountainous areas with more ice and a greater avalanche risk. La Nina will also cause deep freeze temperatures for the prairies, more snow for Ontario and Quebec, the Atlantic area should be warmer than normal. Of course this can fluctuate somewhat with the Jet Stream and the fact that La Nina tends to fluctuate a bit too. The nice thing about it is it should dissipate in January some time and could mean an early Spring. Oh good, plenty of time to clean up the dead leaves!

Happy Gardening! 

Happy Gardening

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