November is Movember Month

The year is 2003 in Melbourne  Australia Travis Garone & Luke Slattery have decided to convince their friends as a joke that they should all grow a moustache which at this time was not the fashion. Then finding a friend’s mother that did fundraising for Breast Cancer which is known by the pink ribbon symbol. They thought that the symbol of the Moustache would be easier to associate with the men. They decided to make a charity and have men grow a moustache for a month. Finding 30  men, the men all agreed to grow a moustache. It was a great idea but did not last, until Justin Coghlin  from Queensland Australia stepped in 2004 creating brands, marketing and sales when he moved out of the media area the other co-founder of the movement Adam Garone would register the  Movember Movement Foundation and created the brands website.

Finding men that would freely talk about their issues was not easy, as he found that men don’t talk about their health, they take no action and are dying far too young.

November became Movember, the month for men to grow a moustache. If they already have one, the concept is to shave it off, and grow a new one. Growing a moustache in November is to help be aware of men’s health.

2012  in the UK Prostate Cancer took 10,800 men’s lives which equals 30 men per day from one disease.

Around the world since 2003 five million people have joined the Movember, which includes 21 countries. Canada joined in 2011.

While the pink ribbon is for  awareness of Breast Cancer, the growing of the moustache in November is for awareness of Prostrate  and Testicular Cancer, Men’s Mental Health and Suicide Prevention. More men than women commit suicide. Men have a 69% average of committing suicide, one man per minute per day across the world. 

Women or young men can get involved with the Movember movement as well, by signing up and committing to move 60 miles for the month of Movember for the amount of men (60) that we lose per hour.

Movember has funded more than 1,250 of men’s health projects in the world since the year 2003.

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