Notes From the Lumby Public Market – MOVING INDOORS – August 20, 2021

 This past Saturday August 14 2021, Lumby was extremely SMOKEY.

During the day our Air Quality Rating had been classified at 281 which is 26 times higher than our regular rate of exposure from the smoke, making it very unhealthy to be out in. By 6:00 pm that same evening our Air Quality had jumped up to 405 which put Lumby under the classification as Hazardous! 

With the Air Quality that day being so bad we would not be able to have our Market. So we went indoors.

We would like to thank the kind people that run the Lumby Curling Rink.

Myrna Alexander has allowed the Lumby and District Public market to be inside the Curling Rink for a few weeks if we need to. If it were not for your generosity in letting us use the Curling Rink that day we would have not been able to have a Market 

So now if the weather is too hot  for the market to be outdoors, or the Air Quality is so bad from all the smoke, and you don’t see us at the Oval Park, check inside the Curling Rink instead.

At our Market this past Saturday inside the Curling Rink we had 17 Vendors, and we had 253 of you wonderful people coming through, staying and chatting without rushing home to get away from the heat or smoke. 

A lot of you had commented how happy you were that our market had moved inside that day because of all the smoke, otherwise you would have not come to the market that day at all.

As our market is usually an outdoor market we did have a couple of vendors that did not want to be indoors, which really none of us do. We also had Vendors that were more than happy to be inside on that horribly smokey day. By the end of the day they were smiling with their sales.  

This year because of the extreme heat and the excessive smoke that is very unhealthy for anyone to be in, it has been recurring time and time again, we are grateful to be able to go inside  only if needed, so that our Market can continue. 

We thank each and everyone of you for supporting us, without you we would not be a market.

 Our Famous Butter Tart Festival will be back again this September 11 2021? WOW! How exciting is that!

We are going to have so much fun, with a lot of different entertainment for young and older. If you want to buy the Butter Tarts you will need to get there pretty early as they  usually sell out before 10:00 am. If you would like to enter your Butter Tarts of any kind, and any flavor email us at 

 We will have Commercial entries, and Non-Commercial entries of any age may enter this.

One year we had Smarties Butter Tarts, Bannack Butter Tarts, Bailey’s Butter Tarts,  etc.(not all of them had been entered in the contest but boy oh boy were they ever good)

The Lumby and District Public Market Saturdays from 9:00 am – 1:00 pm  We have a good assortment of Vendors at our Saturday Market you will find things for all ages. We have Watkins, Bannack, Jewelry, Tupperware, Epicure, Popcorn, Fruit, Plants, Monashee Arts Council, Victorian Lace, Mermaid Tails Keychains, Books, Garth’s Barn wood Creations, Homemade Jams that are very tasty, Chain Paintings, Gel Moments Nail Polish, a great variety of Tea, Wood work, Essential Oils, and so much more.

 Come and see us.

If you would like to be a vendor at our market email us at: