Notes From the Lumby Public Market – June 4, 2021

We had another great day at the Lumby and District Public Market at the Oval Park this past Saturday, The sun was shining, there was no wind (hooray, it’s always good for the vendors if there is no wind.) We had about 193 people coming throughout the day, not all at once of course.

Our vendors were smiling, yup even though they had their masks on you could tell they were smiling underneath. Everyone coming through the market was smiling as well.

Speaking of vendors, let me introduce you to the vendor of the week:

Darcy and Don, of D and D Creations, this is their second year at our market. you will find their jewelry very unique and beautiful. During Darcy and Don’s travels through Quartzsite Arizona, and   other places to rock and gem shows in their RV. Together they found their love for rocks and gems. At one time Don was a cabinet maker, he also plays guitar and is an artist in oil painting. Don also works at a Lapidary shop, while there Don learned how to cut, polish, and wirewarp the rocks and gems. Both Darcy and Don are self taught in the making of their jewelry. Darcy designs all the bracelets, earrings, anklets, rings, necklaces, etc.  using not only rocks and gems from other places, but also using rocks they have found here in BC as well in their jewelry. They have a great variety for everyone’s taste, keeping their prices low. They will take custom orders, you can find them at our market on Saturdays as well as on their Facebook page under D and D Creations

We have a lot of different vendors at our market with new ones every week, Penny, is a new vendor. This lady has beautiful paintings that she does with chains. You will have to come and see her, and Penny will explain her cool technique.

Do you like Popcorn? Great as our Popcorn lady Charlotte will be back this week. Murray the Watkins guy will be there, did you know the Watkins company has been around since 1868, that makes them to be 153 years old. If a company has been around that long, it must be good stuff.

We have a lot of different jewelry people there, not just Darcy and Don, but Dawn is there with her jewelry that is made from vintage china plates, Wendy has her homemade resin jewelry, Carla has jewelry made from crystals.  We have plants, Jams,  Books, Homemade Purses and Bags, Photography, Victorian Lace, homemade masks, Speciality Teas, Juval has an assortment of things, and of course we have fresh homemade Bannock.

Come to the market on Saturdays at the Oval, and check out all the cool things we have there. Our vendors are very friendly, and are more than happy to talk to  you.

If you would like to be a vendor at the Lumby and District Public Market email us

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