Notes from the Lumby Public Market – August 28, 2020

Submitted by Colleen Fielding

Have you seen this great woman that always has a wonderful smile to offer you? Did you know she sells Victorian Lace products? Do you need face masks?  Want to get married? How about having a good friendly chat with someone.?

Well come on down to the Lumby and District Public Market on Saturdays and meet the wonderful lady that can provide you with all of this.

Her name is Nancy House. 

Nancy not only comes to the market on Saturdays to sell her lovely Victorian Lace,  Nancy also makes some very cool looking, functional face masks, for men, women, and children. 

She sits on many boards: Our Lumby Market Board, Lumby Days, Monashee Arts Council (MAC)  a few other ones as well., she also works at White Valley Resource Center,. 

Wait and that’s not all if you want to get married, then give Nancy a call, she can even perform your wedding! This beautiful lady is a Licenced Wedding Officiant! Nancy had often dreamed about being a Wedding Officiant, this year her dream came true. Since she got her licence Nancy has happily married dozens or more people here in Lumby and surrounding areas, you will see her glowing when she talks about marrying people. Not only will Nancy be ecstatic to perform your nuptials she will also make sure her nail polish matches the chosen color of the wedding! 

And yet, even with this very busy lifestyle, this wonderful lady will still find time to sit and have a very friendly chat with you.

When you come to our market on Saturdays here are some of the great HOMEMADE ITEMS you will find there:  The Homemade Shoe people will be there this week. 

Homemade Masks, Homemade Jams, Homemade yummy Pies made with fresh fruit, Homemade Jewelry, Homemade Purses. 

We also have: Fresh Fruit and Vegetables, Flowers, Antiques,. Doggie Cookies, Watkins, Photography on tote bags, and cards. Avon , Gel Moment Nail Polish. Tied Dyed items, Mosaic work,   and so many more items to mention

See you Saturday 9:00 am – 1:00 pm

If you would like to be a vendor please email us at:

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