Notes from the Lumby Public Market – August 14, 2020

Submitted by Colleen Fielding

Our feature vendor this week is a lovely lady by the name of Carla Rivere. 

Carla lives in Coldstream, and makes beautiful jewelry out of Crystals and Stones. 

When Carla was a young girl, she was fascinated by stones even then. She would go up into the mountains looking for the different Stones and Crystals. Finding the different ones was always exciting to her. 

She became a French Emersion teacher, from which she is now retired. 

The thoughts of the Stones and the Crystals never left her. She was drawn to them; at times she could hear them calling to her.

After retiring from the French Emersion classes, Carla began to work in a Metaphysical store. Arriving in the store, she knew that she belonged working with the Crystals and Stones Carla was right, they had been calling to her.

 At the Metaphysical store Carla learned of the different properties that each Stone and Crystal can provide.

While making the jewelry from the Stones and Crystals, Carla is still very drawn to their beauty, and their attributes. 

If you ever wanted to know anything about Stones and Crystals, come see Carla at the Market on Saturdays in the Oval Park she could help you to learn a lot.

Last week we had some yummy homemade pies, Homemade Soups,  Flowers, Homemade Jewelry,  this week Fifth Avenue Jewelry will be joining us.  There is Photography on tote bags, and cards. The Avon Lady Stacey is there. We have some pretty cool Antiques,. Tied Dyed items, Mosaic work, Jams, Watkins, Homemade Purses, Gel Moment Nail Polish,  and so many more items to mention

See you Saturday 9:00 am – 1:00 pm

If you would like to be a vendor please email us at: