No Outdoor Water Use – Mable Lake Water Utility

Due to hot weather and high customer water use, the Regional District of North Okanagan (RDNO) is asking customers to NOT USE WATER OUTDOORS. The drinking water reservoirs are dangerously low and the distribution pumps cannot keep up to the demand. Customers must take action now to reduce the risk that the reservoir is depleted entirely resulting in loss of water to customers, and / or compromised water quality.


  • No garden sprinklers
  • No pool / hot tub filling
  • No car washing.

Properly installed drip irrigation could be operated overnight as water application efficiency is high and this reduces water loss during watering. In addition, customers may hand water using a watering can or hose with spring-loaded nozzle.

Staff will be reviewing water demand patterns with a goal of developing water use restrictions in the near future. The goal will be to allow customers to water sparingly, on different schedules or during a specified time while still maintaining water levels in the reservoir.

Customers will be informed when restrictions are rescinded via road signs, the Mable Lake Water email alert system, and the RDNO website.

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