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The importance of exercise to your overall health can’t be emphasized enough. Regular exercise can help boost heart health, contribute to a healthy state of mind, and manage weight, while increasing endurance, strength, and flexibility.  This equates to feeling happier, calmer, more satisfied in general and better sleep patterns.

Whether it’s bodyweight exercises, a few free weights, a band, or all 3 combined – any, or all, will deliver an efficient – high calorie burning workout -with low cost – and little space required.  Living room, office, bedroom or even backyard, will do.

Bodyweight exercises when done regularly, has shown to be more effective than cardio for weight loss.  Quick sets of exercises that focus on the full body, like – lunges, burpees, squats, crunches, and planks—can be very effective for building muscle and tone.

Add free weights for variety, or to certain bodyweight exercises once they become easy.   Free weights are readily available, easy to store and can be picked up relatively cheap, especially second hand.  They can also be more beneficial than machines.  Machines require you to sit down and lift weight within a limited range of motion (ROM), focusing on large muscle groups. By doing this, your flexibility decreases, and small stabilizing muscle groups are not incorporated, so chance of injury is more prevalent.  When you work within a full ROM and use your big muscle groups along with small stabilizing muscle groups, not only will you be more balanced and less vulnerable to injury, but you will also find you tone up a lot faster, making you look leaner and thinner as opposed to bulkier and thicker.  Free weights do exactly that as you must control your body to not wobble which incorporates stabilizer muscles and your core.   You also can do a full natural ROM within an exercise, which allows for flexibility.  Because so many muscles work all at once to do these tasks, you burn more calories per rep, than if you were on a machine.  

Resistance bands take up even less space than weights and are easily portable.  They are a great addition to any classic exercise and work especially well with bodyweight workouts. They can even add support, not just resistance, to help you work towards more difficult exercises. For example, they can assist you in a pull up, for that extra bit of help, until you build up enough strength to do 1 unassisted.

Resistance bands can also be easily incorporated if you find your weights are not heavy enough or too heavy for certain exercises.  Weights rely on gravity for their primary resistance which can make some exercises difficult if you are not a well seasoned lifter.  The bands resistance simply comes from the elasticity of the rubber itself and can be easier to control with certain movements.   There are so many ways to create resistance needed for different muscles groups, by standing on the band, or wrapping the band, or using a door jam, without putting yourself into a position that might otherwise jeopardize your form. This is the reason why bands are so widely used by the elderly or people undergoing rehabilitation after an injury, as the strength and or balance required for the use of weights would be too compromising. 

The type of equipment you have, or purchase isn’t nearly as important as being dedicated to developing an exercise routine and making it a habit.  Being safe and with good form is also important.

Let us at DEEM Health take the guess work out for you.  Our classes are great for any fitness level, done virtually online – live or at your convenience.   People that have taken our classes consistently, have experienced; weight loss, energy, tone, and enjoyment of a variety of exercises as classes differ each week.  

*If this article or any past articles leaves you with questions, the want to be a better you, the courage to take the first step to a happier you, than please contact me at: 

Mikkie Nettles, Certified Personal Trainer/Holistic & Sports Nutritionist
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