News From The O.A.P. – Feb 26, 2021

Just a reminder that the OAP Hall in Lumby has computers that you can use to order groceries, contact family members, apply.for your BC Recovery grant, e-file your income tax return or any other things you may need a computer for.

We can provide limited assistance in respect of using the computers in a safe environment.

The stores in Vernon that you can order from online are: Save-on Foods; the Wholesale Club; Superstore; London Frugs; some stores in the Village Green Mall; and possibly some others.

Some will only accept credit cards, some will accept credit cards and certain credit debit cards.

We can arrange pickup by our drivers depending on the day and time. Note: This should be arranged prior to ordering your groceries.

If you would like to book an appointment to use the computers please call Norma from the Helping Hands at 778-212-2397.

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