Monashee Toastmasters Wants YOU!

Monashee Toastmasters is tired of being the best kept secret in Lumby.  We want to share our successes.  New members bring new energy to our club and everyone benefits.  We offer training in how to meet on Zoom during this pandemic. 

Members gain confidence in speaking off the cuff or delivering a prepared speech. Some folk would rather visit the dentist as deliver a speech but we help people to overcome their fear of public speaking.  The day will come when we can hold big weddings, parties and funerals again.  Join us and you will learn to propose a Toast to the Bride or maybe deliver that final gift to a dear friend; his/her eulogy.  Join us and learn how to introduce a speaker, to tell a joke and even to chair a meeting.  

Right now, you don’t even have to leave home to join us.  Indeed, you don’t need to live in Lumby, Cherryville or Vernon.   Beyond the pandemic members will have the choice to meet on Zoom or in person at Lumby’s White Valley Community Centre.  

We have a bargain for every new member who joins us before 30th June, a discount of $20 on our club fee.   

So don’t take time to think about it.  Pick up your phone and call or text Marena at 250-550-7124 and join us as a member.  You’ll be glad you did.  I am glad that I did.

Audrey Pope, VP-Public Relations, Monashee Toastmasters