Lew Chow with grandchildren William, Linda & Charles on Shuswap Avenue
Moments in Time – Photos & Memories from the Lumby Museum – Lew Chow – October 22, 2021

 Lew Chow’s Wing’s Cafe and Boarding House was located on Shuswap Avenue, across from today’s Beauty & the Barber shop.  Any young fisherman lucky enough to catch a salmon in the creek could trade that fish for a soda pop so Lew could make “fishy soup”.

A special highlight in Lew Chow’s life was in 1951 when he was able to bring his grandson, Yick Man Lew from China to Lumby.  Yick Man Lew would eventually become the spare head-sawyer at Lumby Timber.  Yick Man married BoHar and together they had one daughter (Linda) and two sons (William & Charles).  Sadly, Lew Chow and Yick Man Lew died one day apart.

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