Bardolph House (1935)

Moments in Time – Photos & Memories from the Lumby Museum – James T. Bardolph- January 27, 2023

James T. Bardolph (1936)

Did you know that Jim Procter was commissioned by James T. Bardolph in 1910 to build the Bardolph Mansion that still stands today?  The original house consisted of 5,000 square feet of living area and was built on 5 acres of land purchased from Mr. Christian.   

James Bardolph left his position of President and Managing Director of Lumby Sawmills in 1915 to serve in the war.  He never returned to Lumby.  Cleophas Quesnel bought the house in 1916 as a tax sale.  In 1946, Mrs. Frank Christian purchased the mansion for $3,500.00.  In 1957, the Vernon School Board purchased the mansion as a teacherage.  Dr. Doug Jack purchased the home in 1978.  Today, the home at 2059 Glencaird Street is owned by Eric and Janice Foster who purchased the home from Mrs. Vandusen in 1983.

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