Moments in Time – Photos & Memories from the Lumby Museum – Ida’s – January 20, 2023

Ever wonder where the name Ida’s Bakery came from?  Well, Alfie Tonn (who operated Alfie’s Food Market in Arbour Park Mall) sold his business to Joe Boos in 1986.  Joe’s wife’s name was Ida, and the market became Ida’s Food Market.  In 1992, Joe closed the food market and moved the in-store bakery to its present location (1980 Vernon Street). 

Joe and his son Norbert operated Ida’s Bakery until 1997 when the bakery was sold to Heinz Scharr.  

In 2005, Art Willman bought the bakery and ran it until 2022 when it was sold to today’s owners, Brianna and Matt Hudson-Gray.

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