Elda Catt, Charlie Catt and Nickie Catt (1942)

Moments in Time – Photos & Memories from the Lumby Museum – George Catt – November 18, 2022

In 1906 George Henry Catt hired a contractor to build a 27 room mansion for his family and servants who were due to arrive in Lumby in 1907.  The house was located on Catt Avenue, in the vicinity of George Sheardown’s home.   The home boasted 4 bathrooms and was one of the most expensive houses built in the Okanagan at that time. Although Mr. Catt’s sons Pete, Jim and George would remain in Lumby, Mr. Catt’s wife found Lumby life far too primitive, choosing to return to England the following year.  The mansion fell on hard times, first rented, then badly vandalized before being sold to Rex Wylie in the 1940’s for $100.00.  The mansion was later destroyed by fire and for practice, the Lumby Fire Department burned the remaining water tower.    Mr. Catt’s son Pete would eventually marry Elda LeBlanc and together they would raise 5 children: Ena, Henry, Joy, Nickie and Ron.

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