Measured approach to phasing in a return to learning in classrooms

The Ministry of Education is working with all 60 school districts, independent school authorities, First Nations schools, teachers, school leaders, support staff, public health officials and all its education partners to begin a co-ordinated and measured phased-in approach to resuming in- class learning, guided by strict health and safety guidelines.

This measured approach will involve five stages leading to an eventual safe and full return of students learning in classrooms and provides flexibility to continue home learning even while in-class instruction is available.

While face-to-face instruction is suspended for the majority of students, schools in the province remain open for some, including children of essential service workers and those who are vulnerable and need more supports.

All 60 school districts and independent schools are currently in Stage 4 (chart below), where children of essential service workers and vulnerable students are currently being supported in the classroom, while online and remote learning opportunities are being delivered to most students at home.

There are currently 4,700 children of essential service workers and about 300 vulnerable students and students with disabilities/diverse abilities being supported in public and independent school classrooms throughout B.C.

Districts are making sure families learning remotely who do not have access to technology are getting the help they need by loaning out equipment – to date, more than 27,000 computers and devices are being loaned. School communities throughout the province also worked quickly to provide almost 75,000 meals and food supports on a weekly basis to over 16,000 families.

Schools are operating under the guidelines established by the provincial health officer and BC Centre for Disease Control to ensure the safety of students and education professionals. These guidelines include controlling access to buildings, maintaining physical distancing amongst staff and implementing distancing strategies for students who are in schools, and maintaining good hygiene practices.

The ministry will continue to work closely with all education partners. More information on the phased-in approach to resuming in-class instruction will be available in the weeks to come.

Education stages for K-12 students
Stage 5 Suspend all in-class instruction for all grades and students. Remote and online learning for all students.
Stage 4 *Current stage In-class learning for children of essential service workers and vulnerable students. Remote and online learning continues for most students.
Stage 3 In-class learning for students in kindergarten to Grade 5 on a part-time basis. Access to in-class learning as needed for grades 6 to 12 on a part-time basis. Remote and online learning continues to be available for students.
Stage 2 In-class learning for all students in elementary school (K to 7) on a full-time basis. In-class learning for secondary students (grades 8 to 12) on a part-time basis. Remote and online learning continues to be available for secondary students.
Stage 1 A return to full in-class instruction.
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