May is Motorcycle awareness month
May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month

The Government of British Columbia has proclaimed May as Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month, and asks all drivers to pay special attention when sharing the road with motorcyclists.

As the weather turns warmer and drier, motorcycle riders are tuning engines, shining chrome and heading out on scenic rides.

It is important for all drivers to be aware of more motorcyclists on the road and to watch carefully, especially at night or in bad weather conditions.

To safely share the road with motorcyclists, drivers are asked to allow at least three to four seconds of following distance when behind a motorcycle and give plenty of lane space when passing. Motorcycles are often closer than they seem. Since it can be difficult to tell how fast they are moving, be prepared to yield.

The majority of crashes involving motorcycles happen at intersections. Drivers should scan intersections carefully, especially when turning left. Riders should adjust their lane position and reduce speed when approaching an intersection, so there is time to stop if needed.

Motorcyclists can take steps to better protect themselves. Motorcycle riders and their passengers should wear “all the gear, all the time” in all weather conditions. This includes a helmet with a full-face visor, leather or heavy fabric jacket and heavy, over-the-ankle boots. Wearing proper motorcycle safety gear is key to preventing severe injuries if a crash occurs.

Spring weather can mean more wildlife wandering on or near highways and roads. All drivers and riders are reminded to watch carefully for wildlife, especially when animals are most active from dusk to dawn.

Loud motorcycle exhausts can be disruptive to others, in both urban and rural areas. The Province asks all motorcyclists to enjoy their rides, while respecting regulations around excessive exhaust noise.

Road safety is everyone’s responsibility. Whether driving a motorcycle, a passenger vehicle or commercial truck, or walking or riding a bike, people are asked to respect the rules of the road and consider the safety of other road users.

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Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month proclamation:

Visit ICBC’s “all the gear, all the time” page:

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