Mabel Lake Water Customers – No Outdoor Watering 

No outdoor watering is in effect starting today, July 28, 2022 until August 2, 2022, for all customers on the Mabel Lake Water (MLW) system due to water system capacity concerns during this coming long weekend. This is to ensure water availability for essential domestic use and reduce risking loss of water.

The capacity of the drinking water tanks (enclosed reservoirs) and pumps are limited. Historical water usage on the August long weekend is typically high and the water system has had issues in the past keeping up to the water demand. Customers must take action to reduce the risk that the reservoirs become depleted resulting in loss of water to customers, and/or compromised water quality. The water system is operating normally at this time but water usage increases during the summer months which results in capacity limits.

During this period of no outdoor watering, customers may water by hand with a watering can or hose with a spring-loaded shut-off nozzle to maintain plant health. Use of sprinklers, filling or refilling pools/garden ponds or aesthetic water features, cleaning outdoor surfaces, vehicle washing, or other non-essential outdoor water use is not allowed. For more information, visit

Most lawns only need water once per week to remain healthy. Lawns naturally brown and go dormant with minimal water when it is hot – this is okay and the lawn will green up when the weather cools.

Where can I find future water notices?

Updates will be posted to (filter by Water Notices) and the RDNO’s Facebook page at You can also subscribe to receive email updates at

If you have any questions, please contact the RDNO Utilities Department at 250-550-3700.