Lumby’s Monashee Toastmasters On-Line!

Imagine being home-bound and using that time to become a powerful, public speaker. Toastmaster clubs around the world are adapting to the stay-at-home lifestyle by offering learning opportunities online. Lumby’s Monashee Toastmaster club has jumped on the Zoom wagon where we meet online the second and fourth Tuesdays of the month from 7 to 8.15 pm and wherever you are, you could be a part of this amazing learning experience!

Would you like to improve your speaking, listening, and leadership skills? Does your job, education, coaching, counseling, require the aforementioned skills? By joining our club, you will receive helpful tips to speak with confidence, clarity, and conviction and as a bonus learn more about this new technology. You will learn how to reduce visual distractions, move with purpose, and connect with your audience. Why not decide to use this time to develop your most important asset – speaking? 

A testimonial from a current member who used her Toastmaster skills to wow a cruise ship audience. About 4-5 years ago Audrey Pope, a longtime Toastmaster and member of our club was holidaying on a cruise ship through the Northwest Passage and was on the first cruise ship to sail through the Bellot Strait. After the last dinner onboard the cruise Audrey decided to thank the ship staff by delivering an impromptu speech. After her speech she received a standing ovation from the other passengers and the staff. Audrey was told by several passengers after her speech that she said what they wanted to say; but didn’t have the nerve to do so. Developing your public speaking skills can prepare you for such an occasion as this.     

Are you preparing for an online presentation and need some tips? Maybe you would like to practice connecting with your audience through a camera, reduce your um’s and ah’s, deliver a succinct message or chair an online meeting. Since none of us knows when the world will return to “normal”, why not use the time to develop relevant skills, maybe discover new purpose in your life to connect and express.  

Toastmasters’ programs have changed radically since its inception. Some people still believe that it is a stuffy old club; listening to speeches that put you to sleep. Things have changed! Wanting to give worldwide audiences usable skills, Toastmasters introduced the Pathways Program. After you join, you do a self-assessment. This helps you choose the Path that matches your speaking goals. You will receive step-by-step lessons specific to your individual needs. 

Which Path would you choose? Do you want to become an inspiring coach, influential speaker, effective educator, masterful manager or overcome nervousness? By joining a Toastmaster club you might land a job, sell your product, get elected, or deliver a powerful message to a worldwide audience? Staying at home can be isolating, but the world is waiting to hear from you! You have an amazing story to tell. Toastmasters can help you tell it well. 

Contact Monashee Toastmasters.  We will send you a no obligation Zoom invitation for our next meeting and you can judge for yourself if this is something worthwhile for you. If the time (or day) doesn’t work, we can help you find another club. We normally meet at the White Valley Community Center but due to the pandemic we have been meeting on-line since March.  For more information contact Louise Wilcox at (250) 547-6480 or Audrey Pope at (250) 545-5743 or visit the Monashee Toastmaster website: You may also visit the Toastmasters International Website at

Written by Heidi Thompson of Hi Noon Toastmasters, Vernon Club and adapted by Mike Takahashi for Monashee Toastmasters, Lumby Club.