Lumby Days 2022

My Husband Told Me That He Would Leave Me If I Brought Home Any More Plants… I’m Sure Going To Miss Him!

Well, with the closure of the first Lumby Days we have experienced in a couple of years I can honestly say I Survived!  It was extremely busy and exhausting but I met so many new people from as far away as New Found Land and so many from our area and parts of BC and  the many new comers to our area and also had a lot of fun.

Thank you to my dear friend Bonny who came with her truck and helped me set up and then the much easier  packing up at the end your support was greatly appreciated and also Thank You to several friends who stopped by giving me a couple of much needed breaks and for filling my water bottles to hydrate me and my plants.  I heard that on Saturday we had about 30 thousand visitors to our wonderful event and oh my heavens it certainly was busy!

So many people are still planting their gardens and although for some plants it is too late to plant from seed, bedding plants were in high demand and will make up for the time delay that was caused by our extremely cool spring.  I had so many compliments on the health and vigour of my plants, the progress of this years purchases and the years of dedicated shopping with me were so warming to my heart!

I hope that everyone had a wonderful time this last weekend and am so glad the weather cooperated as we are normally faced with rain and rising water levels.  A few people came with descriptions of damage done by deer and other regular garden pest and I hope that I was able to give some sympathy and constructive advise as to possible solutions.

This coming weekend at the Lumby and District Public Market I will bring lots of Chilli Pepper grounds that can be used to mix a solution that will help deter Deer, Rabbits, and some flying pest that are doing some damage.  Please come and grab some samples and give it a try.  I will also be bringing some beautiful perennials for your yard at excellent prices and will also have companion plants that will beautify and assist you in keeping deer away from your precious plants like tomatoes that I hear have been high on the list of plants destroyed.

It is definitely warm enough In most places to plant although some higher elevations and tucked away places are still being watched closely for weather that still does not want to cooperate although row covers and other methods are being used to ward off small disasters.  I have planted very little in my garden so far but my major concern at this time of year is supplying everyone with what they need and want and I am not worried at all about getting planted over the next couple of weeks.

Many people enjoyed learning about edible plants that one can plant in the garden and enjoy in salads, soups and deserts.  My favourite is the Nasturtium with its spicy, peppery flavour, there is nothing like picking a Cherry Tomato from the vine and wrapping a leaf from the Nasturtium around it for an uplifting treat. Although the Cherry Tomato is not available several plants were devoured in samples to show everyone what the possibilities will be.  It is a fast growing and stunning plant either in baskets or planted in the ground amongst other plants.  Hardy and beautiful!

There are many other flowering plants that are edible and extremely healthy to eat that we rarely think of as edible.  Pansies, Violas, Chive Flowers, Lavender, Dandelion, Begonia a pleasant citrus flavour that should be consumed in moderation especially for those with kidney stone tendencies,  rheumatism or gout.

There are also many plants that should not be consumed like Hydrangea, Daffodil, Lilly of the Valley, Fox Glove, Dahlia, Alyssum, Holly and Tulips.  These can cause simple stomach problems or discomforts such as skin irritations or lead to some serious medical conditions that can happen with the ingestion of the flowers of plants like Dahlia and Morning Glory.

Happy Gardening

Samantha Nason
BS Ranch & Greenhouses
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