The Heartbeat of Lumby with Guilt Free Shopping
Lumby Community Thrift Store… Sept. 25, 2020

The Heartbeat of Lumby with Guilt Free Shopping

Our Annual General Meeting will be held 4:00pm Saturday, September 26th at the OAP Hall in Lumby.  

Thank you to all who have already been using our new donation location!  1840 Vernon St (Old Fermco building, or as many may recall, Top Video!)  The donation hours are the same at this point in time.  Donated items have to sit for a period of time before being handled.  Previously the large trailer in our parking lot was serving as a holding and sorting space, but as it is pretty full and the weather has turned cooler, we needed to secure another space. 

Our Denim Daze sale is still rocking for the rest of this week, so pop by for jeans.  50 cents a pair is a steal of a deal! All crystal is half price through October.   

$10 Garbage bag day is a go ahead! This Saturday, Sept 26th.  Select enough clothing to fill a black garbage bag and a regular priced pair of shoes or boots for just ten dollars! Bag day hours are 10-3. Most of the summer shoes and clothes will start to be sorted and stored till spring, so now would be the chance to grab a few items for next year. 

Watch for the Halloween and fall décor to be set out soon! You know we are the local go-to for your costumes and fall apparel.  

With the push for harvest canning many people have been in store looking for jars and lids.  If you happen to have a box or two sitting in your basement or the back of the garage please consider bringing dropping them by for us to pass on.  Any size or style will be appreciated! 

We are located in the Arbor Park shopping mall between the Dollar Dollar Store and the Pagoda Inn Restaurant. Store hours are Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday and 11am to 2pm.  Donations are being accepted at 1840 Vernon St, (old Fermco building) Tuesday and Thursday 11-2 and Saturday 12-1. Please refrain from leaving your contributions in the hallway space.  Phone number 778-473-3003.  Thank you for supporting us and keeping us the best little thrift shop in the valley! 

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