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The Lumby Community Thrift Store want to continue to say Thank-you to everyone who has been kindly donating at the times and location as requested.  A reminder about the changes to donation times and locations: The building we were using as a donation drop off on Vernon Street has sold.  Please make note of upcoming changes: Donations will be accepted there for a limited time still, on Tuesday and Thursday 11-2, and Saturday 12-1.  The LAST DAY for dropping off there will be Saturday February 20.  NO DONATIONS will be accepted the week of Feb 21 to Mar 1. (We ask that you do not leave anything in the Thrift Store entry hallway).   As of March 2, please bring your items to the container in the Thrift Store parking lot. Same days and hours for donations will then ensue, (Tues Thurs 11-2 and Saturday 12-1) Due to limited space, a reminder that items not accepted include furniture, TVs or shelving. We are located in the Arbor Park shopping mall between the Dollar Dollar Store and the Pagoda Inn Restaurant. Store hours Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday and 10am to 3pm.  Phone: 778-473-3003. Find us on Facebook for weekly deals and bag sale updates.  Thank you for supporting us and keeping us the best little thrift shop in the valley! 

Letter from the Lumby Community Thrift Store:

How do we show this community members our love?  We say Thank-you. 

“Thank-you.” What does this mean, this phrase that we find ourselves here at the Lumby Thrift Store repeating? It is a polite expression of one’s gratitude. People generally enjoy saying or doing kind things for others, and tend to do it without expecting to be thanked for it. We all know how wonderful it makes us feel when we are recognized for something we do. Please note, no matter how many times we say it, we mean it so very gratefully each time.  Thank-you. 

Your gracious efforts as a giving community of devoted shoppers and donation contributors need to be congratulated! Thank you for your constant assistance and support. You all continue to understand the need for the services of a thrift store in Lumby, and never stop investing in us, and therefore in your community. Thank-you. We strive to improve based on your needs, your opinions, your requests, and we like to think we are good listeners too. It is often the little things that matter most, whether a gesture, a kind word, a wink from behind a mask or a bit of patience. Thank-you! 

Building relationships in our village is very important to our volunteers and directors.  We have a shared passion that has brought us together to create a store that is incomparable to any other second-hand store in the valley.  Working successfully together has made it possible to accomplish so much this past year, overcoming hurdles while still upholding our shop standards.   Trust and respect are traits held in high regard in this municipality, and The Lumby Community Thrift Store Society truly hopes it has met your expectations.  Everyone knows that a society like this runs solely on the time, energy and hard work of its volunteers – people that show up every week and give their all from the goodness of their hearts, without being paid. From the collecting and sorting of donated items to the display and organization of the various departments, many hands do make light work. And we do it all for you, our people of the Lumby area, and those who come to visit.  The next time you are in the store and see a volunteer, please do not hold back your smile (use your eyes too), give a wave and say “Thank-you.”  

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