Lots of Different Types of Moons

(This Picture is the April 2020 Pink Moon)

Do you know how many different types of Moons there are? Do you know all their names? Let me help you out, she said with a smile!

Let’s start with the phases, there are 8 phases of the Moon. 

  1. New Moon
  2. Waxing (growing) Crescent Moon 
  3. First Quarter Moon
  4. Waxing Gibbous Moon ( More than 1/2 a Moon, But less than a Full New Moon)
  5. Full Moon
  6. Waning (shrinking) Gibbous Moon
  7. Last Quarter Moon
  8. Waning Crescent Moon

Both the Crescent & Gibbous Moons last about a week.

Now for the Full Moons: 

We normally will only get one Full Moon in a one month cycle, but every once in awhile we will have two, this rare Moon type is called “A Blue Moon”. In a calendar year we have 365 days, but the Moon’s cycle of phases only gives us 354 days making this 11 days short in a calendar year, so about every couple of  years the Moon cycle is completed by having 2 Moons in one month ( the Moon is not actually Blue) 

The next Blue Moon will be October 31 2020

 Yup that’s right, this is the year for a Blue Moon. The Blue Moons after that will be: August 31 2023, May 31 2026, December 31 2028

  • January: Wolf ,  Old Moon, or Ice Moon 
  • February: Snow, Storm or Hunger Moon
  • March: Worm, Chaste, Death, Crust, and Sap Moon
  • April: Pink (pictured) Sprouting, Grass, Egg, and Fish Moon
  • May: Flower, Hare, Corn Planting, and Milk Moon
  • June: Strawberry, Rose, or Hot Moon
  • July: Buck, Thunder,  or Hay Moon
  • August: Sturgeon, Green Corn, Grain, or Red Moon
  • September (my favorite month): Full Corn, Barley, and of course Harvest Moon The Moon in September is the very bright, and it will rise early which helps the farmers harvest well into the evening, it is also the closes Moon to the Autumn Equinox, which gave it the title of The Harvest Moon.
  • October: This is where we see the Hunter’s Moon, this is also a very bright Moon helping hunters to hunt their prey at night. this Moon is also known as Travel, and Dying Grass Moon
  • November: Beaver, or Frost Moon
  • December: The title of this Moon suits it perfectly as it is called the Cold Moon, it is also known as Long Night, and Oak Moon.

I personally love the moon,  I try to take as many pictures of it as I can, no matter what phase it is in whether it is in the crescent shape waxing, waning, Gibbous, 1/4, 1/2, or Full Moon. To me every stage is beautiful. And when it is shining brightly in the sky, I love nothing more than  taking an evening walk, or just being outside and taking it’s picture, or sitting on my swing in the Moon Light.

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