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LOSS of Freedom, for Safety…

To the Editor,
Canadians, unlike many Americans, neglect to remember that we also have certain “Rights and Freedoms”, first entrenched in the Constitution of Canada in 1982. It also was the time we received a Charter of “Rights and Freedoms”. This Charter guarantees certain political and Civil rights to all Canadians.
Some of these guaranteed “Rights” are: Freedom of Religion, Freedom of thought, belief, and expression, Freedom of Travel and association, etc., and form a part of the guide throughout the Charter. One thing that has always disturbed me was the “right of the accused” but has never mentioned any specific rights for the VICTIMS of crime.
That leads me directly into Trudeau’s Bill C-21, 22 and Bill 71, which could result in a Law obeying citizen, being NOT allowed to own and possess firearms, LAWFULLY as in the past. All under the pretext of the Liberal Government’s (“Trudeau and Bill Blair’s) nonfactual claim, that it would guarantee a “Safer Society.” Liberals do this to gain votes, and enable them to stay in Power, but also to allow alignment with other Socialist Countries.
They are WRONG, it will NOT insure a safer Society, as some might think.
If you are interested, ask our Local MP, WHY Trudeau has spent 60 million bucks, to buy off Media, where he and Bill Blair find time almost every day, to further encourage citizens to believe that if THEY take all firearms from Law abiding citizens, we will be safer! Yet mention nothing about Drugs, Gangs and Crimes committed by gangs, or previously convicted then released criminals, nor do they comment on an unjust Court system, that is so intent on punishment of Citizens who obey the Laws, and harm no one. Yet they allow previously convicted individuals to continue their actions of Criminal behaviour. A Government who punishes and threatens to seize privately owned property, then CRIMINALIZE “ordinary” hard working citizens who have obeyed ALL laws during their lifetime with Jail and financial ruin.
Regardless if you agree with me or not, and if you feel the need to “re-align” yourself with OUR Charter Rights, or perhaps also believe in taking Guns from Law Obeying citizens, then allow me to quote a famous person, who helped shape a Country, whose thousands of young boys, both in America and Canada, lived and died, fighting for some of the “basic” rights mentioned and when basic rights and Freedoms are destroyed by unfair and unnecessary Laws, designed only for Control and disregard of these Rights and Freedoms, that all of us have earned, then each young man DIED for nothing.!!
I believe it was Ben Franklin, whose quote was, “Those who sacrifice Freedom, for Safety, deserve neither Freedom nor safety.”

Ron Shunter,
Lumby, BC

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