Legion News – January 20, 2023

How is everyone this week. Isn’t this Vancouver weather wonderful (Noooot).

This weekend the branch held the zone play downs for Cribbage and Pool. On Friday at the Cribbage play down Bernice Fry won  singles, Rod Hartfelder and Roy Turner won doubles. The team will be Rod, Roy, Kathyrn Moulding and Wynn Hartfelder. Saturday at the Pool play downs Nick Hodges won singles Tim Beahm and Dave? Won doubles. The team will be Samira Beahm, Kathyrn Moulding, Tim, and Dave?. Apologies to Dave we didn’t get your last name. To players make sure you give your full name and branch membership number when entering zone competitions. If you are winners there you will be going on to Provincial or Dominion championships.

Don’t forget next Sunday January 22nd there will be shuffleboard in the lounge. Registration at 12:00 noon play starts at 1:00pm. There is darts every Thursday registration at 6:30 play starts at 7:00pm. The Karaoke is on the 28th 8-11pm. And the Installation is on the29th.

Did you know that Legion was built in 1947 for approximately $20,000. the property it sits on was purchased from Sam Derry for $250. Can you imagine that.

During that time most of saw milling was done in logging camps out in the woods so where the lounge is in the branch there used to be showers and lockers for the members who worked  out in the logging camps where these mills were. That all changed by the 1950s when the mills were brought into town and the logging camps disappeared.

 The original Cenotaph was built in front of the Legion by John Kirchsteiger in 1948. It was moved to the current location in the 70s. Some of the stones from the original cenotaph are embedded in the square  where the new cenotaph sits.