Is The O.A.P. Hall Closing?

The Old Age Pensions organization held a general meeting on Friday, May-13th.  The turnout to this meeting was very disappointing, to say the least, there were 8 people there.

These meeting dates have been the 2nd Friday of each month for the last 10+ years.  There is a committee that makes phone calls to remind members, but that did not happen this month.  Sorry folks.  The committee did phone people for the April meeting and guess what – only 9 people showed up. 

We are aware that COVID-19 will influence some folks for get-togethers, but the restrictions have been relaxed throughout the country and Lumby seems to be okay with gatherings these days.  

This organization has several events planned and need volunteers.  The membership is in the 90’s and so far, we have seen 6 people come out to help – the same 6 people that help at Bingo, Cards, Meals, Entertainment with the organizing, setting up, and operations. If you can help at Lumby Days, or Canada Day, please contact Cheryl at 778-473-7603 or Cindy at 250-306-6381 or Nancy at 250-558-7087

Meetings have been retired for June, July and August but will resume in September.  If the attendance does not improve at that time, this branch of the Old Age Pensioners will seriously look at dissolving.  That would mean no more Bingo, no more Friday Nite Cards, No more meals, No more Pool, No more hall rentals for special occasions.