In Like A Lion Out Like A Lamb

Springtime Does Not Arrive Until The Ice Is Out Of The Compost Heap!

Hopefully as our weather has been so chaotic during the past week that the old saying will hold true and some more spring like weather will be coming our way. The expression In like a Lion and out like a Lamb is an ancestral belief relating to balance it is also based on the Zodiac as in early March the sign of Leo is rising and by April the Ram is rising. The equinox being March 20th. At least we haven’t had the horrendous snow falls that have hit the western United States and nasty storms throughout the mid west. I sure hope that the weather doesn’t turn too warm and cause a rapid melt down of the huge snow pack that they have received. Again having listened to too much news I am unsure as to whether I should laugh or cry. Fox News has been admittedly lying to the more radical of the US population and yet they still are on the air and the followers don’t seem to want to hear or believe this confession. Another thing that caught my attention was another mention of the accusation (although they say a very low probability) of the Covid virus having come from Wuhan.

The photo they keep showing of the Viral Lab in Wuhan struck me as odd having that huge English sign on the building. I have been in China and although it has been many years it was one of the most difficult countries I’ve ever traveled in as there were next to no English signs anywhere. So much has changed over these years so I decided to to visit a few cities online (staying away from any Wuhan sites) and see what I could find. The Shanghai airport is much as I remember it having a decent sized English sign on the outside of the building and absolute nothing in English inside. Which I rectified by standing on top of a counter and waving my arms and yelling out for someone who spoke English which generally secured a teacher happy to practice their skills . Beijing had a few more signs in English and Wuxi which offers a walk about on line almost none. But then when I go to a site in Wuhan there it was again a huge English sign on the outside of the Virology building, I guess that would help tourists easily find it and they also showed a ICU picture with no Chinese at all. I just wonder about that. 

With all the additional stress of our age I am so glad I grow things. There is nothing more rewarding that growing plants and playing in the yard. Growing vegetables and flowers reduces stress, anxiety, fear, anger and sadness.  It has been proven to lower blood pressure, pulse rate and ease muscle tension. It teaches us acceptance of both success and failure, connects us with others and with nature not to mention it is good exercise and provides us with healthy foods.

Most of my flowers are now planted in seed trays in the greenhouse as well a whole lot of tomatoes. Peppers will be started soon with squash and cucumber at the end of the month. Germination of all my plants is good despite a 5 hour power outage due to a tree that fell across our road and took out the power lines. Thank heavens the temperature was moderate as a cold snap may have changed the outcome. Weather over the next couple of weeks looks to be moderate both day and night with some snow by the weekend. Hopefully not much!

Happy Gardening!
Samantha Nason
BS Ranch & Greenhouses
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