In Like A Lamb Out Like A Lion

I Spend Weeks Trying To Grow A Simple Plant And Yet a Fully Grown Weed Pops Up In One Day.

It has been an incredible array of Spring weather this last week from snow and sleet to pouring rain.  Brilliant sunshine to nasty winds.  I watched Sunday as all the leaves I had carefully raked up in the fall and placed in my garden blow back onto the lawn.  Great another do over will be needed.  I wish to extend my apologies for a few things.  1st the absence of my article in last weeks paper.  I have just survived a month of renovations and have learned again how insidious dry wall dust can be.  I started cleaning too early as the workers were not finished  and now will have to do some of it over again, I rushed madly, after the last workman left my home, having  about 24 hours to restore some semblance of order and cleanliness to receive my first company of the year.  I will consider the second cleaning as my fall cleaning which puts me ahead for the year.  I didn’t get everything done however but everyone had a clean place to sleep and I will finish everything else when time permits.  All this and company kept me overwhelmed and exhausted and unable to even contemplate my article. I also wish to apologize to Pam and Norm who sent me an email last month, I went to respond to the email and saw an option to send it to another email address popped up.  Thinking this would work well as it is hard to type an email on my phone, I sent it to the email on my laptop.  Hitting the button to do that it did not prompt me to enter which email address I would like use it just sent the correspondence into space and nothing I could do would relocate it.  If you would, I would love to get your email again, please send it to the gmail address listed at the end of the article. 

The young plants in the greenhouse are doing well.  Cooler evenings have been a bit of a disappointment but using giant heat matts does seem to give the seedlings an edge.  I have planted all my flower seeds and most vegetables land herbs.  I will be planting squash, cucumber, cauliflower and broccoli this week.  This should make for nice sized bedding plants.  There are a few things one can plant outside fairly soon, cool weather plants like spinach, Swiss chard, peas and lettuce can be planted very early and simple row covers will protect the seedlings should an unexpected heavy frost occur.  Some of the spinach in the greenhouse has survived the entire winter and It is delicious.  I will have enough to harvest again real soon and my lettuce beds are growing nicely.  I have even succeeded in planting several crates of summer blooming bulbs, its starting to look like a greenhouse again.  I will be moving the Gerber Daisies from their winter home to the greenhouse over the Easter Weekend which is upon us this weekend.  I hope that with common-sense, good safety and sanitary practices, that we can have a nice Easter and a long missed family member or friend over to visit.  Next week I will be covering container gardening which is a lengthy subject.  Just because of space and time requirements it doesn’t mean that you can’t have a bit of a garden or plant some herbs or flowers.

Happy Easter and Happy Gardening. 

Happy Gardening

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