Hunger Free Summer Kids Program

Hello folks, it’s that time again for an update on both the Food Bank and the Summer Kids Program- both of which are doing good and moving along steadily.

We are still slowly moving forward with Robert working on the back bay, and once that’s done we will see our wonderful full canopy finally erected and displayed in all its glory! This is truly going to make a world of difference to the food bank in so many ways. I can’t wait to see it up and utilized, it has been a long time in the works! 

Hopefully, it will provide the shelter we need for our clients during the winter and summer months. We always feel so bad when folks have to stand outside when the weather is inclement. With Covid, we had no choice, but hopefully, soon we will be able to greet everyone undercover!

We need to do another big shout-out to Zelaney Farms, this time for almost 600 lbs. of lovely huge beautiful broccoli- omgoodness what a surprise that was! I found a tape measure and measured one of these to be a whopping 11 ½” around! Take a look at how little that big peach looks in comparison! We were also able to share several hundred pounds with others that would benefit from it, that’s what all of our little food banks do– share as much as we can with each other!

The Hunger-Free Summer Kids Program has been a blessing for several families this summer I’m happy to say. We are slowly winding down with three weeks left until school begins. The program has regularly included Cereal, Kraft Dinner, Canned Tuna or Salmon, Juice, Fruit snacks/Granola Bars, Cookies, Cheese, Milk, Fruit, and Veggies and a couple of snacks. We have been so fortunate to have had donations of food and money from our community – Lumby THANK YOU – you’re the best! I know that these families are very grateful.

In closing, I’d like to mention that with the influx of evacuees over the past few weeks we are working closely with the Monashee 50+ OAP gals, who are working their little tails off each day to make sure that every evacuee is fed and taken care of. Some of these volunteers are getting tired and have made pleas to the community asking for some extra hands! If you have a few bored children/teens in your possession I suggest you set them up for a few hours just to be a part of the bigger picture, and to see how much every contributing hand helps make our community what it is. And if you like to cook- I know that there are a few that could use a break! We’re so lucky to have these helping hands taking care of the evacuees- brought to you straight out of the goodness of their hearts-they all came up with this feed the evacuee plan and need to be thanked!

Hug a firefighter-thank them for a job well done and thank them for risking their lives each time they go out! Reach deep down inside and remember all the great things in our life, our family, and in our community and say a prayer to protect them all! Everyone take care and watch out for each other!