Hunger Free Summer For Kids
In a few short weeks, the kids will say goodbye to the books, run down the hallways and race home from school one last time or at least until the new school year begins again in September!
Summer excitement sets the stage for the enthusiasm of these younger beings, however in so many families it is also the beginning of yet another difficult struggle, one that is often over looked by many of us.
What happens to these kids when their school based food sources are closed over the summer holidays? Such as the Starfish program which takes place through the elementary school, providing food for the weekends to those  kids who would otherwise go without. Then of course there’s the extra food that all the schools offer on a regular basis so that our kids can grab something anytime they’re hungry… what happens to those that are going hungry much of the time even now? 
Well, we’ve come up with a small solution with the promise of big results that will help carry these kids and their parent’s over the long lazy days of summer.

The Lumby Food Bank in Cooperation with The Lumby Thrift Store will be working together to implement a hunger relief summer program to support the hunger needs of our local children during the summer months when school ends and all of the school based nutrition programs are stopped.

Over the past few months we have touched base with the schools in our immediate community, as well as Whitevalley Community Resource Centre in order to get a rough idea of how many children they feel could possibly use additional nutrition support during the summer months.

This was done as we applied for a Food Banks Canada initiative called the “After the Bell” program which allowed several food banks across Canada 8 weeks of summer packages filled with kid friendly nutritious snacks along with extra funding to help supply healthy produce in each pack.

Although Lumby was not selected as one of the 150 out of 500 applications received, we’ve come to the conclusion that’s not going to stop us from feeding those kids that need our help this summer.

Due to the overwhelming number of kids that came through to us as potential candidates, it was clear to us that regardless of whether we were accepted or not, there are children and families in our community that needs our extra help one way or another, the challenge was on- we needed to take care of our future leaders!

We’ve reached out to a few supporters in our community including the OAP Hall and the Lumby Lions and now it’s time to take the bull by the horns and make this happen, it’s time to get down and dirty! It’s time to reach out to our local businesses and the generous folks in our community to jump on board and help get this off the ground level- we need to get the ball rolling… and we need help, from brain storming to shopping, filling the gaps (and the bags) where necessary and committing to ensure that these kids don’t go without over the summer months or ever! And we need additional funds, ideas, helping hands, donations of healthy kid friendly items, maybe baking a few dozen cookies, making a pot of soup and did I mention FUNDS- yes the most important thing to help feed folks is money!

Over the next week, registration forms will come out as well as a notice of where to pick them up. From there we will determine a rough number of kids who need our help.

Our goal is to prepare a package of extra’s that will allow the child to have additional food at home that will include extra for the rest of the family when there’s enough. 

Thank you for your time.

My name is Melody Bosk and I am a volunteer manager at the Lumby Food Bank, guided under the President of our Food Bank, Robert Wilkinson.

I can be reached by leaving a message at 250-547-2225 or email at

Let’s feed our future!


FYI-DID YOU KNOW—the average family spends over $300 extra monthly during the summer? 

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