Hey You! Stop What Your Doing And Read This!!!

Submitted by Melody Bosk

Are you really too busy???

 I guess it’s time to get down and dirty, no more pleasantries or soft spoken words here- We NEED your HELP! What else do we need to do to get your attention??? We need BUSINESSES to step up to the plate and we need PEOPLE to see the grim summer ahead for so many kids in our community! 

Hold Up folks…. Should we be like the Ostrich and stick our heads into the ground and ignore the needs of our kids?

We wonder what happens when good kids turn bad… they may start to cause problems, steal, lie and even cheat… and we think to ourselves… gee what happened to that child… THINK ABOUT IT—does anyone care that these same kids may have just needed that extra hand to help out when times and foods were both tough? I recall a story my dad told me many years ago, he wasn’t proud of it, and maybe he told me the story so that he could absolve his own guilt, but regardless it went like this. This proud fellow as a young dad, reaching some pretty tough times back in the sixties and was barely able to make ends meet, often struggling just to put a small amount of food on the table. Going into the grocery store with only a few bucks to his name with a grocery list in his head much longer, he fell into despair as he tried to stretch his money to its limits. When the money was gone he could still hear the echoing of the kids words that by now were scorched firmly into his mind’s eye “Daddy when you go get some food can we have a tiny bit of cheese”? It had been so long since they had any sort of treat; and he was caught off guard by such a simple request, that he suddenly reached out and took a tiny block of cheese and tucked it into his pocket. Ashamed and guilty he quickly paid for his small purchase and vowed to go back and pay for the cheese as soon as he was able….  And he did. 

Why in the world would I tell you that story and what the heck has it got to do with anything? Let me tell you… small businesses can’t afford to have people coming in to take food—it’s better for the business if that doesn’t happen. I worked at our little grocery store and it was not unheard of to have to watch the meat department because those that were hungry would make off with meat under the fronts of their coats, or in the pockets…. I have to wonder if it’s still happening now that the food bank has more meat available to its community. Bottom line… folks won’t have to steal food if they can have what they need…. And we NEED to feed extra in the summer time for families with children.

Why in the world that we live in at this day and age should any child go hungry when there is so much waste? I ask you on behalf of the kids in our area to help them over the summer months! On average we feel that if we were to be able to provide even a small weekly bag of food that it would cost a minimum of $20.00 per child. This would ensure at least these kids were getting some fruit and simple veggies to keep them healthy. The real question is… how many kids can you help out at $20.00 a week? Are you willing to reach deep into the heart of your pocketbook and feed maybe 2 kids every week for 8 weeks? That’s what it’s all about… $160.00 will help feed 2 kids over the summer months…  

Now in closing I will apologize for my tardiness in getting the registrations sent out and the website updated… I had a graduating daughter this year and wanted to give her my undivided attention! So this is what is happening next…. I will hand out registration forms on Tuesdays- which are extras day at the food bank….as well as leaving them at Whitevalley Community Resource Centre, and at the Lumby Thrift Shop- these are also available for kids to come in and fill out themselves if they want to do so without a parent’s involvement. HOWEVER, we will also accept registrations over the phone @ 250-557-2225.  If you’re on the social media platform we have established a group on Facebook for folks to be involved in to offer suggestions, ask questions or just bounce around some thoughts. Check out Hunger Free Summer for Kids on Facebook. I also have a wonderful teacher from CBSS that is willing to devote time to work on our Instagram page for us as the Lumby Food Bank. 

Reach out and consider donating $20 bucks or whatever you can… having trouble donating? Touch base with me and I can offer some suggestions! You can also go to www.lumbyfoodbank.org , click on the “donate now” button, please specify that the donation is for the summer program. And don’t forget, any homemade goodies will be greatly appreciated as are any donations from our local farmers—thank you to Zelaney Farms who have already reached out to us!

Remember it will only cost $80 bucks to feed a child for a month, how many children can you feed?