Photo Credit: A-1 Photographic Images of Kelowna
Former Lumby Resident Publishes A Page Turner

A literary excellence award has been given to Dr. Paul Bickert of Kelowna, a former Lumby resident from 1947-54, by American book publisher, Writers Republic of Union City, N.J. for his recently penned memoir. Golden Throat: My Journey with Family in Faith is a ‘page turner’ that begins with his mother’s death in Kelowna in 2001. The story goes back to her roots in Saskatchewan Canada and then eventual arrival in Lumby, British Columbia after the war ended and then her failed marriage after giving birth to a son and finding herself pregnant with a second baby, being the author, due in three months. 

The early life of the author, begin on the Marquis, Saskatchewan farm where his mother was raised. Much later, during his career as a radio broadcaster, the writer earned the nickname, that also happens to be part of the title of the book, ‘Golden Throat.’ The broadcaster, Bickert, studies in Davenport, Iowa to become a practicing chiropractor who eventually resides and invents a wireless technology while residing here in Kelowna. The publisher’s Golden Seal Plume Literary Excellence citation was granted for the author’s unique and well written historical story line that tells all about his circuitous life and the times he lived in. The 408-page publication that includes stories of the author’s childhood spent in Lumby is now being sold at book outlets here and throughout the world. It can be ordered in either print or electronic format through the following American megabook retailers,, and Ingram Books as well as directly from the publisher, 

When asked about the success of the publication, Bickert stated, “I intended that the book would be a family legacy document and had no idea that my memoir would have any commercial value, nor significant literary success! My wife, whom I feared would be my biggest critic, said she thought it was a good read, so I submitted the manuscript to a publisher.”

Bickert is working on his second manuscript which he’s keeping the theme quiet for now.

“Writing’s an excellent Pandemic project,” he states.

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