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Fear mongering

To the Editor,

 I used to work at the Kozy Motel and gas bar in Radium and many times, especially Sunday evenings, would have the hot pool to myself.

I loved the environment there and forget why I moved away. If I come again in the near future to the pool I won’t be wearing a coward mask as I am not subject to COVID anywhere, as my vaccination is Psalm 91.  It can’t come anywhere near the pool there as the atmosphere is totally free from any germs and is conducive to healing, not making sick. I’ve seen people come to Radium who did have some health issues and after a few days of going to the hot pool left and went home healed. The only thing that makes me sick is the lying newscasts that are blowing everything out of proportion.

Respectfully yours,

Ed Watson,
Lumby , BC