Fall Yard Work

What Does Daylight Savings Time Mean In Vancouver… An Extra Hour Of Rain!

With a yard and garden there is no end to the work that needs to be done.  Especially at this time of the year.  Many of you are probably harvesting the bounty of your gardening, canning, drying and other wise preparing for winter.  Fortunately the weather will be in our favour for a while yet but it is hardly the time to be complacent as there is a lot to do before winter hits and the days grow shorter.  Plants that you have taken outdoors for the summer should be taken back into the house soon so as not to cause too much shock at the difference in heat and humidity.   If you are collecting seeds from your favourite plants this should be done while the cleaning up planter and pots for fall.  Fall plantings of bulbs like Tulips, Daffodil, Crocus, Fritillaria, and Hyacinth should be planted soon as well as Garlic allowing for good root development (about 6 weeks) before the ground freezes.  The weather predictions I have seen indicate a rainy fall with a touch of snow toward the end of October.  Perennial plants and flowers, bushes and trees should be planted now and well watered until the ground freezes.  Bulbs such as Gladiola, Calla and Cana lily, Dahlia should be lifted soon as well, I usually wait until the tops have frozen but that may be a while yet.  This is usually my prompt as well to deadhead and remove the growth that has died back, do remember to leave some plants like sedum and other seed bearing plants for the birds.  Garden plantings that are disease free can be composted or buried in trenches in the garden it is also a good time to put a good base of compost in your garden to enrich the soil for next years plantings.  Be sure to do a good weeding of your garden and flower beds and do not use these in your compost as many weed seeds are not destroyed by composting.  Manure can be worked into the soil allowing the maximum amount of time to breakdown into its useful ingredients.  Spade these additions to the soil in well and then cover with leaves to prevent the growth of weeds.  Raspberry canes that held last years fruit should be removed and the new canes should be supported  with rope to prevent them from being damaged by heavy snow fall.  The lawn also needs to be tended to for fall.  The last mowing should be considered now and it should be at a slightly higher setting than your regular cutting.  A slow release fertilizer such as bonemeal can be applied and be sure to remove leaves as they come down to prevent the growth of molds and fungi. Preparations around the home should be considered now as many insects will be looking for a nice warm place to overwinter.  Spiders, mice, stink bugs and ear wigs to name a few will be looking for cracks, crevices and other small openings around windows, doors and foundations.  Mice can enter a home through an opening that is around the size of a pencil.  They can swim, jump and climb leaving about 100 feces droppings a day and a constant droplets of urine that can carry many different pathogens.  They can chew electrical wires and can produce offspring at a rate of a half dozen every three weeks.  So examine the caulking around pipes, windows and doors check foundations for cracks and caulking around cables and wires coming into your house.

There are only two Lumby and District Public Markets left before the close of our season and that takes us up to Thanks Giving so come down and see us!  Where did the year go?

Samantha Nason
BS Ranch & Greenhouses
250 547 6567 • samanthanason@hotmail.com

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