Fall Gardening: Best Bulbs To Plant

With the arrival of fall, gardeners should start preparing their yards for winter and spring. For most, an important task is to plant their spring-blooming bulbs. Here are some of the hardiest types.


This will be one of the first to bloom in your spring garden. Choose from a variety of species in different colours and sizes, and plant them in a spot that gets partial or full sun. 


These spring flowers will grow back year after year with little help from you. Plant them in partial shade or full sun for best growing results.


This ornamental variety of the onion family produces big purple balls of blooms. They love the sun and will return every spring. 


These blooms come in a variety of shapes, colours and sizes. They do best when planted in areas with partial shade or full sun. They’re perennials, so you won’t need to plant new bulbs every year.

To ensure they take, bulbs should be planted before the ground freezes but only after the weather is reliably cool. For a spring garden that’s continuously in bloom, be sure to plant bulbs that flower at different times during the season.